48HBC 2014: Finish Line

I made a mistake. A bad one.

I’ve been dutifully keeping track of the time I’ve spent reading and blogging as the days have passed, but I haven’t been tallying those times up. Now, at the end of it, when I hardly have any intelligible thoughts left in my brain, I have to do math.


 There’s nothing I hate more than math. I like mayo more than math. I like waking up before dawn more than math. I like Rebel Belle more than math. (Okay, that was harsh. Of course, I do. It wasn’t so bad that it deserves to be compared to math. I’m sorry for my unkind words; they were spoken from a place of sleepiness).

Here’s what I came up with:

Total Books Read: 4 books
Total Pages Read: 1,262 pages
Total Hours Committed: a little over 18 hours (including 6.5 hours of blogging, converted to one hour of reading).
Start Time to End Time: 7am Friday to 7am Sunday (I actually quit around 1am on Sunday morning).

Completed Books:

1.  Renegade Magic (Kat, Incorrigible: Book 2) by Stephanie Burgis
2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
3. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
4. We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

High Point: We Have Always Lived in the Castle.
Other High Points: Meeting new bloggers. Gaining traffic. Seeing pictures of people’s pets. Getting recs for The Girl Who Fell to Earth and Diverse Energies.
Low Point: Rebel Belle.
Other Low Points: Doing a google image search for banana nutella crepes and then panicking because I didn’t think I had either bananas or nutella with which to satisfy the subsequent craving (as it turned out, I had both! I guess that was a high point, too!)

It’s been a blast. I hope you guys had as much fun reading my posts as I did reading yours! And I hope you’ll come back and visit No Boys Allowed Reviews sometime soon! In the near future, I’ll be posting reviews of The House at the End of Hope Street written by myself and the four other gals who normally run this blog.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Moxie and I have a lot of snoozing to do.


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13 Responses to 48HBC 2014: Finish Line

  1. I would imagine you are now sleeping and to that I say sweet dreams to you and Moxie. What a darling wee bunny! And now..LOL on the math “thing” I so year ya, but congrats on what I would say is really successful 48HBC!

  2. Karsyn says:

    I hope you get some nice snoozin’ in. 🙂 I’m still going (at 3:30am) but don’t know for how much longer. I think I might take a snooze break soon and get back to it in a few hours. 🙂

  3. Annie Cardi says:

    Woohoo! 18 hours is mega impressive. You earned some sleep and some Nutella.

  4. Great job and don’t worry about the math. I could barely see straight after my reading stint.

    • Haha. I spent most of today with my eyes closed, laying on the beach. It was a good way to recover. I’m *fairly* certain I’ll have regained all of my faculties in time for work tomorrow.

  5. msyingling says:

    Why do you think I didn’t take breaks? Easier to always hold the book than add up times! The Shirley Jackson title looks interesting, and I agree that Rebel Belle was not the best Hawkins.

    • Haha. Perfect; sounds like that’s the way to go.

      I’ve never read anything else by Hawkins and I can’t say I want to now.

      Shirley Jackson on the other hand? I can’t wait to read EVERYTHING.

  6. Liviania says:

    I always feel like I’ve messed up when I add the times.

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