The Starting Line: 48HBC 2014

Greetings, fellow lunatics!

My name is Alyisha. I’m a Millennial with a penchant for books, googly eyes, and bavarian creme donuts.


Fortunately, I’m able to indulge at least two of these passions in a healthy, dare I say almost-adult-like way by working in the Children’s Room at a Public Library in New England. This is my second year participating in the 48 Hour Book Challenge, but it’s my first time using this blog to compete. Last year, I used my personal blog, The Pooka Picks, but this year I thought I’d use my Book Club’s group blog to help bring a little more attention to it. Normally, No Boys Allowed Reviews is used once-a-month by myself and four other lovely ladies to review our book club’s read for that month. We all review the same book, individually and communally, to show how one novel can affect each reader in a completely unique way. We focus on “chick lit,” and it’s our mission to prove that girly literature, like the audience to which it’s targeted, can be smart, witty, and fierce.

But enough about that. ONWARD, TO THE CHALLENGE!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my reading coach, Miss Moxie Crimefighter.

Moxie prefers bananas to donuts; I know, I don't get it either.

Moxie’s a 2-year old house rabbit who prefers bananas to donuts; I know, I don’t get it either.

Behind every great fighter, there’s a great trainer…


Rocky & Mickey; Buffy & Giles

… and she is mine.


If I seem to be projecting an illusion of toughness here, know that it’s exactly that: an illusion. I wear those pants to bed, not to exercise. That’s not even my kettle bell.

She’s been working me to the bone in preparation for this weekend, but I know it’ll be worth it. She was also assigned the very important task of narrowing down my reading selection from the towering piles you see here —



— to a smaller, much more manageable stack.


LOOK AT THAT TONGUE! As you can see, most of my reading choices are YA with a magical/fantastical slant.

She was a very discerning selector.

Sadly, I don’t have as much time to donate to the challenge this year as I’d like. I’m working 9-5 on Saturday and I’m one year older (but clearly no wiser), which means I’ll need even more beauty rest than I did last year. It’s hard for me to give up my precious sleep, but I’m going to try (to some extent). I’m hoping to read at least five books this year, in 20-some-odd hours. I may come in below that, at 4, or slightly above it at 6 or 7, but only time will tell: time which begins… NOW!

Happy reading!!!

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25 Responses to The Starting Line: 48HBC 2014

  1. Good morning, I have not started yet, no post up even…but saw your comment and TOTALLY came for the bunny! Hey Moxie! Great pics, great post. Oh yeah…and now I totally want a donut, lol. Happy reading!

    • Thank you! And believe me, I am with you. That donut picture is from an earlier date and I am – depressingly – donut-free this morning.

      I’ll look forward to reading your posts!

  2. Maureen Eichner says:

    I’m also working 9-5 tomorrow. Why, adulthood, why? Hope your challenge is great!

    • If only Society had its priorities straight…

      At least I’ll be working to progress the reading habits of others while being forced to abandon mine. I hope you can find a similar silver lining.

      Good luck with the challenge, and may your 9-5 shift fly by!

  3. Happy reading! I’m cheering everyone on from the sidelines this year. Go, readers, go!

  4. Muttix says:

    So… You *stole* a kettle bell just to improve your blog post?!? The lengths to which book bloggers will sink, just baffles me. 😀

    Good luck! I’m not starting until tomorrow (I’ll be spending the day tomorrow at my local library’s summer reading kickoff, painting faces!) but I’m rooting for everyone until then!

    • I DID steal it. From my boyfriend. Something tells me he’ll forgive my transgression. 😉

      Have fun painting faces! I wish I had artistic talent. Maybe you’ll even post some pictures?

      • Muttix says:

        Well, I suppose the shame of it is less then. 🙂 Boyfriends are under the ‘acceptable people from whom to steal’ category.

        Thanks! I’m hoping to get a parent or two to agree to let me take pics. 😀 If so, I’ll definitely put photos up!

  5. Rhonda-Lisa says:

    You have the best reading coach ever! My rabbit, Inky, ate my books.
    Take a break from reading to pick up a doughnut….and word on!!!!!!

  6. msyingling says:

    Sylvie says “Helllllloooooo, Moxie! Would you like to be, I mean, to have lunch?” Loved The Geography of You and Me. Your stack looks fabulous, and I’m glad to meet a new blogger!

  7. Happy reading to you, too! that’s a good stack. Enjoy!

  8. Susan Smuth says:

    Good luck with the getting by on less sleep thing…I too will be working tomorrow…but willing to sacrifice sleep if I can manage it 🙂

  9. Martha Dodge says:

    Love all your pictures. I have several of the same books in my stack of possibilities.

  10. ejmam says:

    A reading coach — what a brilliant idea. I will interview my cats immediately for this new position.

  11. Cassandra Sprague says:

    Go Alyisha!! I decided not to do it officially this year, but I will try to read as much as I can this weekend as a practice run. Good luck and Happy Reading!

  12. katayla says:

    What a great reading coach! I was hoping my cat would keep me company during the challenge, but, so far, she would rather hide.

    (I’m working 9-5 at a library as well . . . but in the IT department!)

  13. Karsyn says:

    Awesome rabbit, and name. You a fan of Penn? Thanks for coming by my blog. I’m gonna go check out your updates so far! 🙂

    • Not an uber-fan but me & the beau watched “Bullshit” and found it pretty enjoyable. I just think the name’s so great. Terrible for a human being, but perfect for a pet!

      • Karsyn says:

        Ah. 🙂 We’re pretty big fans. Bullshit was great. If we ever get back to Vegas (went for our honeymoon) we hope to go to their show. I also loved 2 of his books ~ God, No! and Everyday is an Atheist Holiday.

  14. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Boys and girls can find common ground in reading, especially this weekend. You should definitely read your copy of Heart of A Samurai–very absorbing. Have fun this weekend and drop by anytime.

  15. MotherReader says:

    Now I’m wishing I had a reading coach that cute. Lucky!

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