Book Review #7: “As Simple As Snow”

Last month, the girls of No Boys Allowed Reviews read As Simple As Snow, by Gregory Galloway.


There’s a reason we haven’t posted any reviews yet.
It’s because we can’t.
We just can’t. 

Galloway’s book is impossible to talk about without talking about the ending, thereby ruining it for any potential readers.

So we’re refusing.

Our beautiful, plump, pouty lips are sealed. (Ok, if we’re being honest, at least one of us might currently be suffering from dry, cracked, winter lips. But this is the internet. What kind of social media users would we be if we didn’t at least attempt to present an idealized version of ourselves?)

Back to the book.

The first rule about As Simple As Snow is “You DO NOT talk about As Simple As Snow.”


If you want to discuss it with us, you have to read it first.
And don’t even think about faking it.
We’ll know.

Which brings up another point: whether or not you should read it in the first place.
Sure, you’ll be able to talk about it with us, but will you want to? Or will you want to put a curse upon our houses for ever bringing the damned thing to your attention in the first place?

Let us break it down for you in the vaguest, most ambiguous way possible.

Alyisha: Please read this book. Please, please, please. Of the sixteen books I’ve already read this year, this was my favorite. It’s like Moby Dick for teens. Shit, a lot of people hated Moby Dick, didn’t they? Forget I said that. Just read it. Then come see me.

Arianne: Read at your own risk, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Kristin:  19 11 9 16 9 20. That’s code for “Skip it.”

Meg: Are you a) someone who enjoys mysteries? b) a teenager? c) someone who enjoys teenage drama? if you answered yes to these, then is this book for you!
If you answered no, then leave this on the shelf.

Victoria: Read this book if you are 14 and emo or would like to remember being 14 and emo. If you’re like me and happy to keep that past in the past, skip this one.

So what do you think? Is the temptation too much, despite the above warnings?
Maybe that’s why we’re warning you in the first place…
“Don’t touch that. It’s hot.”
“From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you must not eat from it.”
“Touch nothing but the lamp.”


All we can say about the ending is: all of your theories are wrong.

Consider that a challenge, if you want.

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