Book Review #3: “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”

You may have already guessed, based on the clues found at the end of last month’s review, what our September read was going to be. We hinted that our next book would involve geniuses, human popsicles, and agoraphobia.

Now, at the beginning of October, in the spirit of Halloween, we ask you:
Q). What is colder than a witch’s titty, yet flying off the shelves like hotcakes?
A). (You guessed it!) Maria Semple’s New York Times Best Seller, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?:


“It all begins with a promise: If eighth-grader Bee Fox earns a picture perfect report card, she and her family will depart on a cruise to Antarctica. The prospect of the trip is exciting; too exciting, it soon becomes apparent, for Bee’s brilliant, severely agoraphobic architect mom, who, just a day before the scheduled departure, simply disappears. Taking the loss of her mother to heart, Bee begins a feverish, yet systematic search for her, thus piecing together in the process the dynamics of an unforgettable family.”
-Barnes & Noble

Normally (can twice serve as the basis for “normally?”), the girls of No Boys Allowed Reviews try to get together – in person – to discuss our monthly read. For September, however, we channeled the spirit of Where’d You Go, Bernadette?‘s eponymous heroine. We refused to leave our houses and communicated only via the internet. We grabbed our biggest, darkest sunglasses; wrapped our most fashionable scarves around our heads; plunked down on our couches; and video-chatted the night away.


We may not be agoraphobic, but we are busy – and perhaps slightly lazy.

It did take us longer than expected to get our shit together this time around, but we weren’t lazy enough to not read the book! We all did it! Finally! Hooray!

And we’re so glad we did.

Once you sit down with Maria Semple’s novel, you’ll read it in about two days flat (max). It’s one of those reads that keeps you up late at night, unwilling to put the text down and shut off the light. So if you’re about to read it, make sure you’ve got a comfy seat (though honestly, it’s so engaging that even if your butt goes numb, the chances that you’ll notice are slim). You may as well grab a comfy seat to read our blog, too. ‘Cause we’re about to tucker you out completely with our enthusiastic fan-girling.

Shrieks of joy – punctuated by intelligent, thought-provoking observations – commencing in 3, 2, 1…
(Check out page 2 to begin your journey & read about ours! To the moon, babies! Or, to Seattle and the Outer Climes, at least…)

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3 Responses to Book Review #3: “Where’d You Go, Bernadette?”

  1. megann31Meg says:

    Oh right! Petit Trianon. That made the Francophile in my very happy. 🙂

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